Zefir 2.0

Online course

A special course on zefir focused on the healthy lifestyle and proper sugar and egg whites free nutrition.

• study online at a convenient time and anywhere in the world
• get high-quality feedback from your tutors
• average term of training is 2 months
• get the Certificate of Achievement after you have completed the final project
Date of start
2 months
Term of training
Online course
1 year+
Access and support
Video on Demand

Register for the training course and learn to make a perfect sugar free zefir.

• Apple sugar free zefir
• Cherry sugar free zefir
• Egg whits free cranberry zefir
зефир в домашних условиях
Video lessons: 3
Recipes: 3
Features: You will learn to make a healthy dessert in 3 months.
What will you learn during the course?
Who is this training course for?
For beginners with no experience of work in the confectionery
The course is perfect for beginners: it includes a lot of basic theory that is often missed or ignored due to the lack of knowledge as concerns details and nuances.
Confectioners, who want to know everything about zefir
Thanks to detailed and structured information even an experienced confectioner can easily fill all gaps in his or her basic education.
    ● fans of healthy lifestyle
    ● fans of healthy diet
    ● diabetics or those, who monitor the blood sugar concentration level
    ● vegetarians
    ● people, who make desserts to order and want to expand their range of products
    зефир рецепт
    This online course is suitable for:
    He spent 400 hours learning the art of confectionery from world-class professionals including Hans Ovando, Jordi Bordas, Emmanuel Hamon, etc. He also studied and continues to study online from top world chefs including Hans Ovando, Karim Bourgi, Amaury guichon, Guillaume Mobilleau, Quentin Bailly, etc. Egor studied, practiced and experimented for thousands of hours on his own and now he's ready to share his experience with you
    Due to his love to chemistry and mathematics in confectionery he helps you not only to study according to recipes, but also to understand the process of confectionery-making.
    As Egor is founder of his own food production facility with an area of 700 m2, he will be pleased to tell you what to do after the training is completed.
    Highly qualified specialist
    Competent approach to training
    He knows what to do with the knowledge you've obtained
    Who is the chef?
    Egor Kozlovsky, pastry chef
    Founder of the Egor.team baking and pastry school. Author of the popular @egor.team Instagram blog with more than 200 thousand subscribers.
    Liliya Dyomina, Kostanay
    Natalia Tashmatova, Krasnodar
    Angelina Lyashenko, Yeysk
    Ekaterina Suchkova, Yuzhnouralsk
    Diana Belyaeva, Rostov-na-Donu
    Erna Pakhomova, Domodedovo
    Inessa Goydina, St. Petersburg
    Natalia Tashmatova, Krasnodar
    Diana Belyaeva, Rostov-na-Donu
    Anzhella Petrova, Latvia
    Olga Radaeva, Yekaterinburg

    Zefir made by the Zefir 2.0 course graduates

    Kristina Sarkisyan, Kostanay
    Over 4000 students have already attended the fee-paying online courses in the Egor.Team school and this number is constantly growing.
    Our students live in the USA, Canada, Australia, England, Russia and many other countries. The online training format enables you to study from any place in the world.
    Over 4000 students
    Over 40 countries
    Online pastry school «Egor.Team»
    The youngest student is 10 years old (he cooks under the supervision of his mother). The oldest student is 67 years old. The online courses are accessible and effective for everyone.
    Students aged from 10 to 67 years
    So... What makes Egor team school so different?
    The most important is to get feedback. When after an offline course you come back home all alone with your oven, you've got problems to repeat everything without help. During my training courses I lead you by the hand to the result!
    Proven recipes and cooking technology brought to the ideal. Therefore, you will succeed from the first time.
    Confectionery chef in touch
    100% recipes
    One doesn't have enough time to attend offline courses. But you don't have to attend online courses at a specific time. You can study anytime and anywhere.
    Online training = comfort
    Students from different cities and countries attend the course. You will share successes with each other. Someone is only at the beginning of the journey and someone has already got his or her own confectionery shop, which makes our online school an excellent platform to exchange the experience.
    All videos are recorded with several professional cameras. The shooting is carried out from several angles. All details and nuances of cooking process are clearly visible.
    Networking and meeting new people
    High-quality videos
    After completing all the tasks and examination work successfully, you will receive a personal Certificate of Achievement. The original will be signed by the chief and delivered to you by mail.
    Certificate of Achievement
    Reviews made by the Zefir 2.0 course graduates
    Select your plan to get started
    ● Access to the video lessons: 1 year
    ● Customer support: no
    ● Video lessons: 3 Recipes: 3
    ● Access to the course immediately after the payment is completed
    ● Access to the course: 1 year
    ● Customer support: tutors' support
    ● Video lessons: 3 Recipes: 3
    ● Access to the training course after the start of a new group
    ● Control of home tasks in a closed area
    ● Certificate of Achievement

    ● Access to the course: forever
    ● Customer support: by Egor personally
    ● Video lessons: 3 Recipes: 3
    ● Video lessons available for download
    ● Control of home tasks in a closed area
    ● Individual access immediately after the payment is completed
    ● Certificate of Achievement

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