Smart pastry school: I teach to think like a pro and not to follow recipes blindly.

Основатель кондитерской школы Егор Козловский

Online pastry courses

Basic pastry course
From A to Z. Discover the art of pastry from the beginning and learn to make 45 desserts
Term of training: 3-6 months
Candy bar
Macarons, zephyr, marshmallow and pâte de fruit. Course for beginners from the basics.
Term of training: 2 months
The Path of a Chocolatier
Escape from your office and become a Chocolatier!
Term of training: 4 months
Mousse desserts
Learn to make mousse entremets and petit gâteaux of any complexity and taste!
Term of training: 3 months
Macarons 2.0
All secrets of macarons. 21 video lessons!
Term of training: 2 months
Shortcrust pastry from A to Z.
The course is suitable for beginners.
Term of training: 1 month
Mirror glaze and velvet
You will know all secrets of the mirror glaze and chocolate velvet.
Term of training: 1 month
Modern baker
Become a professional baker of delicious, fragrant and healthy bread. Sourdough and yeast bread.
Term of training: 2 months
Zephyr 2.0
Special training course focused on zephyr to provide healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.
Term of training: 1 month
101 secrets of pâte à choux
Term of training: 1 month
Advantages of our courses:
  • Learn anytime, anywhere
  • Individual assistance and feedback
  • Unlimited access to video lessons
  • Downloadable exclusive cookbooks
  • Growing community of like-minded cooks
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    Pastry chef
    Oksana Shubina, Voronezh
    Anzhela Petrova, Riga
    Violetta Morozova, Wolfurt
    Elena Gnuskova, Moscow
    Ksenia Asmolova, Syktyvkar
    Khalidhamza Samatova, Karaganda
    @lizard0289, Novy Urengoy
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    Anna Revva, Vladivostok
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    Pastries made by the Egor.Team school students

    After completing our online courses our students reach their potential in the art of confectionery.
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    What's the difference between the offline and online courses?

    Offline courses
    Online courses
    Short-term courses compressed into 1-5 days
    Access to the course for a year or forever
    Feedback during the course and most often individually only to a few people
    Individual feedback to every student throughout the course
    All practice is effected in the school and there isn't enough time for the students' individual work to improve their skills and knowledge
    A lot of time to improve your knowledge and skills in your kitchen and with your own equipment
    No guarantees of individual results outside the professional school
    We achieve a 100% result in your kitchen
    Most often only in large cities
    You can study from any place of the world
    The courses are carried out only at a certain day time
    Any convenient time: after work or at night, while your child is asleep
    High price for reduced information
    An optimal price for a huge amount of information
    He spent 400 hours learning the art of confectionery from world-class professionals including Hans Ovando, Jordi Bordas, Emmanuel Hamon, etc. He also studied and continues to study online from top world chefs including Hans Ovando, Karim Bourgi, Amaury guichon, Guillaume Mobilleau, Quentin Bailly, etc. Egor studied, practiced and experimented for thousands of hours on his own and now he's ready to share his experience with you
    Due to his love to chemistry and mathematics in confectionery he helps you not only to study according to recipes, but also to understand the process of confectionery-making.
    As Egor is founder of his own food production facility with an area of 700 m2, he will be pleased to tell you what to do after the training is completed.
    Highly qualified specialist
    Competent approach to training
    He knows what to do with the knowledge you've obtained
    Who is the chef?
    Egor Kozlovsky, pastry chef
    Founder of the baking and pastry school. Author of the popular Instagram blog with more than 200 thousand subscribers.
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