The Path of a Chocolatier

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• average term of training is 3 months
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• get the Certificate of Achievement after you have completed the final project
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2 months
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муссовый торт
1 year+
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Who is this training course for?
For beginners with no experience of work with chocolate
Basing on my detailed theory you will be familiar with chocolate at a professional level understanding the role of each ingredient: how it works, why it's presented in the product and what are its functions. Thanks to this information everything will become so simple that I'm sure that you will grow from a beginner to a professional chocolatier. The main things are your desire and practice.
For experienced confectioners.
Have you seen many people working with chocolate on Instagram? What do you think? I assure you that 90% of them have no idea about the information that you will get during the course, and they work like blind kittens. If you travel this path of chocolatier with me, you will have the edge over most of other confectioners.
For those, who are experts in some techniques.
During this course you will learn to not only work with chocolate, but also feel and understand it. You will learn to make calculations of recipes and combine flavors. And after you complete the course you can open your own chocolate boutique.

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• study online at a convenient time and anywhere in the world
• get high-quality feedback from your tutors
• average term of training is 3 months
• access to the training course and customer support forever
• get the Certificate of Achievement after you have completed the final project
The price of the course:
USD 297
обучение работе с шоколадом
The course program
All secrets of chocolate from A to Z.
30 video lessons that will be available for you during the course:
Inventory and ingredients
You will learn about the equipment and ingredients that you will need during the course. And much more information.
How to "read" chocolate
The basics of "reading" a chocolate packing.
Basic chocolate theory
Production, varieties, differences, storage conditions and much more information. You will know everything about the nature of chocolate, its composition and behavior in certain conditions.
4 + 2 ways of chocolate tempering
What is tempering and why is it needed? We will examine chocolate in great detail.
Pyrometer calibration
How to work with pyrometers if they "lie".
Moulds washing
How to wash moulds and what kind of detergents you can use.
Airbrush, spray gun and compressors
How to choose the equipment.
How to make a paper piping cone
It will be essential for some lessons.
Crushed chocolate with toppings
We start to practice!
Chocolate figures
We will learn to cool chocolate figures and chocolate in general.
Hollow chocolate figures
Features of hollow chocolate figures. What kind of chocolate works best and how to use the chocolate that hardly fulfills this objective.
Chocolate tablet with salted caramel
The nuances of chocolate tablets with fillings.
Advanced chocolate theory
We will learn more about the chocolate and fillings. We will analyze each ingredient of chocolate and fillings including its composition, functions and area of responsibility. And in the end we will learn to calculate the expiration dates.
Filling theory
We will study the types of fillings and their possible composition, as well as a perfect recipe for ganache step by step.
Classic truffles
Hooray, we are back to practice!
Truffles with whiskey
New technique of truffle garnish + coloring with gold.
Colored chocolate tablets
Color powders for chocolate and cocoa butter. Which of them, how and why. 2 ways of the cocoa butter tempering. Coloring of chocolate and polycarbonate forms with cocoa butter.
Enrobed chocolate: 2-layer bonbons
Two textures: airy + crispy.

We will learn to glaze bonbons manually.
Enrobed chocolate: 2-layer bonbons + chocolate transfer sheets.
Two textures: jam + ganache.

Making of chocolate transfer sheets.

Plastic chocolate
Plastic (modelling) chocolate and how to shape a rose using it + coloring.
Dragee: panned candies
We will make authentic panned candies with caramelized nuts and additional textures.
Moulded chocolates: Starlight Night
The first method of coloring + 2-layer filling.
Moulded chocolates: Raspberry
The second method of coloring + raspberry ganache.
Moulded chocolates: Gradient
The third way of coloring and a popular ganache.
Giraffe Bouchee
Large moulded chocolates with multilayer filling and coloring in the form of a giraffe.
Bonbons: Glazed Liquor
We will learn to make chocolates with an absolutely liquid center presented by liquor.
Simple chocolate garnish: spheres, curls, hearts, borders for cakes and mini tarts.
Basic garnish for entremets and other confectionery.
Chocolate garnish: butterflies
An unusual, but simple garnish technique that you can use as a basis to make dozens of other chocolate figures.
Chocolate garnish: twists
Popular massive garnish for biscuits and entremets.
Chocolate garnish: flower
A large flower with thin leaves and coloring.
He spent 400 hours learning the art of confectionery from world-class professionals including Hans Ovando, Jordi Bordas, Emmanuel Hamon, etc. He also studied and continues to study online from top world chefs including Hans Ovando, Karim Bourgi, Amaury guichon, Guillaume Mobilleau, Quentin Bailly, etc. Egor studied, practiced and experimented for thousands of hours on his own and now he's ready to share his experience with you
Due to his love to chemistry and mathematics in confectionery he helps you not only to study according to recipes, but also to understand the process of confectionery-making.
As Egor is founder of his own food production facility with an area of 700 m2, he will be pleased to tell you what to do after the training is completed.
Highly qualified specialist
Competent approach to training
He knows what to do with the knowledge you've obtained
Who is the chef?
Egor Kozlovsky, pastry chef
Founder of the baking and pastry school. Author of the popular Instagram blog with more than 200 thousand subscribers.
Elena Popova, Kazakhstan
Ainura Usmanova, Astana
Elena Sukhopyatkina, Chaykovskiy
Natalia Kazakova, Kirov
Veronika Volosyuk, Minsk
Lyudmila Miklashevich, Kazankovo
Yulia Galamaga, Ukraine
Elena Bondar, Ukraine
Vera Eliseeva, Irkutsk
Elena Bondar, Ukraine
Darina Atlarova, Anapa
@cakeoclock_zp, Zaporozhye

Chocolates made by The Path of a Chocolatier course graduates

After completing our online courses our students reach their potential in the chocolate art.
How is the training process organized?
Training process
You get access to the prerecorded video lessons, detailed description of all processes, as well as recipes, and begin your training from the first lesson. As soon as you have completed the theory, you submit your home task to fix the material you've covered. In this way you work with each lesson of the course.
Support from the pastry chef
The training system in our school is organized in such a way that any student can make all the dishes that we study during the course. Your works are checked by Egor or the course tutors. After they have been checked, you get a detailed comment on your work. If the task is completed correctly, you get access to the next lesson.
Certificate of Achievement
As soon as you have completed all the home tasks, you get an opportunity to pass the final test. After the successful passage of the examination you will receive a personal Certificate of Achievement. Egor and the course tutors will bring each student to the Certificate.

Register for the course and become a member of the community of talented confectioners from all over the world.

• study online at a convenient time and anywhere in the world
• get high-quality feedback from your tutors
• average term of training is 3 months
• access to the training course and customer support forever
• get the Certificate of Achievement after you have completed the final project
The price of the course:
USD 297
обучение работе с шоколадом
Over 4000 students have already attended the fee-paying online courses in the Egor.Team school and this number is constantly growing.
Our students live in the USA, Canada, Australia, England, Russia and many other countries. The online training format enables you to study from any place in the world.
Over 4000 students
Over 40 countries
Online pastry school «Egor.Team»
The youngest student is 10 years old (he cooks under the supervision of his mother). The oldest student is 67 years old. The online courses are accessible and effective for everyone.
Students aged from 10 to 67 years
So... What makes Egor team school so different?
The most important is to get feedback. When after an offline course you come back home all alone with your oven, you've got problems to repeat everything without help. During my training courses I lead you by the hand to the result!
Proven recipes and cooking technology brought to the ideal. Therefore, you will succeed from the first time.
Confectionery chef in touch
100% recipes
One doesn't have enough time to attend offline courses. But you don't have to attend online courses at a specific time. You can study anytime and anywhere.
Online training = comfort
Students from different cities and countries attend the course. You will share successes with each other. Someone is only at the beginning of the journey and someone has already got his or her own confectionery shop, which makes our online school an excellent platform to exchange the experience.
All videos are recorded with several professional cameras. The shooting is carried out from several angles. All details and nuances of cooking process are clearly visible.
Networking and meeting new people
High-quality videos
After completing all the tasks and examination work successfully, you will receive a personal Certificate of Achievement. The original will be signed by the chief and delivered to you by mail.
Certificate of Achievement
Reviews made by the Path of Chocolatier training course graduates
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● Access to the course: 1 year
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● Video lessons: 33 Recipes: 22
● Access to the training course after the start of a new group
● Control of home tasks in a closed area
● Certificate of Achievement

● Access to the course: forever
● Customer support: by Egor personally
● Video lessons: 33 Recipes: 22
● Video lessons available for download
● Control of home tasks in a closed area
● Individual access immediately after the payment is completed
● Certificate of Achievement

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